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The Story Behind the Project

Vivenda Felicidade was built a hundred years ago, in 1921 in the humble village of Tojeira, located near the breathtaking Praia de Magoito in Sintra.

Dona Felicidade, the first owner of the house and the person after whom it is named, sold it in 1957 to Chico's great-grandfather, Sr. Alberto Magalhaes when he retired from his art as a tailor in Lisbon. 

Sr. Alberto lived in the house for over 30 years and worked the land to produce, amongst other locally well-adapted fruits and vegetables, Pêra Rocha, a Portuguese variety of pear from the area of Sintra.

40 years later, amid the Covid-19 pandemic as well as other circumstances of life, Chico and Liam, in the face of lockdown and everything that came with it, decided to experience what it would be like to live in a more rural area, somewhere closer to nature. 

Chico and Liam have always lived in urban environments, yet always nurturing a close connection with nature; surfing, camping, hiking and overall sharing a feeling of deep admiration for the magic that nature embodies.

During the first year of working remotely, they realised the house needed people to make it more alive and enrich the experience. At this point, Chico had developed a keen interest in working the land, he was learning and implementing permaculture principles in the garden and in life.

While on a walk by the coastline, an idea arises, turning the house into a place where digital nomads, such as ourselves, could work and share this experience with us. But not like a hostel, through this experience, we could learn from each other, grow, share ideas, come up with new ones and ultimately become friends while regenerating the soil and producing delicious organic food to share and enjoy while celebrating the wonders of nature. 

This is how our Vivenda Felicidade was born. 

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