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Our Community

We are a diverse and inclusive group of well-intentioned humans (and cats) who value work-life balance and try to live in a way that is more meaningfully connected with nature while in the midst of the Digital Era. We do not fit into a 9-5 working culture.

The Faces Behind the Project



Co-founder Vivenda Felicidade

Farmer & Surfing Instructor



Co-founder Vivenda Felicidade

UX Designer Studying Psychology

Formerly Sustainability Lead EMEA @ Expedia Group


Orange Tabby Cat, his royal majesty of the house, spiritual guardian


Siamese Mix Cat in-house comedian, will do anything for food


Black Tabby Cat  parkour house huntress, head of pest control



To connect digital nomads who seek a healthy lifestyle that is mindfully connected with nature and collaborating through regenerative practices while living as a community.


We aim to create a space in which digital nomads can live and learn about sustainable/

regenerative practices so together we can contribute to a greener economy and be part of the process of becoming more resource independent.


Paulina Fried

I stayed at the beautiful Vivenda Felicidade this summer and I had a great experience! Chico and Liam are very open-minded, thoughtful people that will do everything to make you feel welcome and comfortable right from the start. They constantly seek to improve their co-living project and are always open to new ideas. The garden, that especially Chico so lovingly takes care of, is absolutely beautiful! If you’re interested in permaculture, you can learn a lot from him. Vivenda Felicidade is not a party place, rather it’s a very peaceful and quiet spot that allows you to calm down, relax and reload your batteries. Highly recommendable!

How it Works

1. We host digital nomads/ remote workers to help finance the transition towards an energy-independent farm while having an enriching experience together. We host a maximum of 10 people leaving room available for volunteers and/or friends.

2. We connect like-minded digital nomads who seek a work-life balance that is more in touch with nature. We love to stay active and practice outdoor sports like surfing, hiking, yoga, and freediving ...

3. We produce bio-regenerative fruits and vegetables to reduce food costs while benefiting our health and the environment. We stick to a mostly plant-based diet in the house.


4. Being energy conscious is part of our nature. The costs of electricity, water, gas, wifi and cleaning are shared among the co-livers so we are all accountable and aware of our footprint (Apróx. 75€ per person per month)

5. The average cost of living for a Digital Nomad in Lisbon is about 3.000€. At Vivenda Felicidade we are able to reduce costs per person per month while increasing the quality and joy of our lives. 

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