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The place to Work in balance with Nature

The Coworking Area is Located on the ground floor, between the kitchen and the Living Room where we have the fastest Internet available (5G) and where we serve the best coffee.

The space is designed with a simplistic design that celebrates the natural light and quirky plants, where each corner is filled with small details to promote productivity and a sense of community. Additionally, all rooms have a comfortable desk and chair if you need privacy, along with a warm and glare-free light to improve productivity. We`ve also created funky areas in the garden for show off video calls.


The desks are chosen according to the availability and preference of our guests, all the house is remote work friendly.

Our members have access to various lounge areas, outdoor gardens full of life and a fully-equipped kitchen with free coffee, tea, local and seasonal fruits and veggies.

Our Coworking space is available ONLY for members.

A harmonious blend of vibrant workspaces, lush surroundings, and a thriving community, where productivity meets nature in the heart.

If you’d like more information, get in touch today.

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