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Our Home


For Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

For Earth, Animal and Ocean Lovers

Coliving 5G

Your Home

Our Vision

Times are changing, the digital nomad lifestyle is here to stay and if there is anything we've learnt in recent times is how important it is to nurture our relationship with nature, with other people and ultimately with all those little things that we so often take for granted.

At Vivenda Felicidade we are cocreating a space to explore a new perspective on coliving as remote workers, where everyone brings their own unique qualities to the mixture so we can all share an enriching experience, contribute to a greener economy and help each other grow.

We aim to host digital nomads and remote workers who want to learn about sustainable/ regenerative practices and be part of the process of becoming more resource independent.


Regenerative Community of Digital Nomads
Animals and Ocean Lovers



Our Philosophy

Start Small and Slow

This principle of Permaculture refers to the fact that everything in life has its process, when you take on a new project or task, remember to be patient and enjoy the ride.

Be Resource Conscious

Reduce, reuse and upcycle what you can, don't forget that energy, food, water and space are very important resources, use them wisely they belong to all of us.

Communicate Openly

Got something to say, express yourself,  as long as we communicate from a place of love don't be afraid to sound crazy, we are all a little crazy and we like it like that.


“We don't inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children”

Apply to Join

We like to have a video call with those who would like to join us, that way we can get aquatinted  and answer your questions about life at Vivenda Felicidade.

Thank you for submiting your request!

Our Partners

Cowork Space Lisbon Res Ves Campo Ourique
NomadaGo Digital Nomads Coliving Coworking

Family, Friends and Neighbours


We are also open to collaborative endeavours, if you have a skillset that can help in developing our project or think we can help each other in some way, we are open to creative means of exchanging value.. .

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